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After the Mitsubishi manufacturer warranty has ended, the Diamond Care Protection plan is there to keep you covered. Metro Mitsubishi will be pleased to answer any questions related to the Diamond Care Protection program. Contact us for more information.




When you purchase a Mitsubishi vehicle, you’re buying peace of mind. Our commitment to quality, reliability and durability is evident in every car we offer on the market today.


Mitsubishi wants to make sure that your ownership experience is as pleasurable and satisfying as possible. This is why we offer Mitsubishi owners the Mitsubishi Diamond Care Plan. Even after the manufacturer’s warranty has ended, your Diamond Care Plan will keep you comfortable and secure driving your Mitsubishi vehicle. Our Diamond Care Plan guards you from unexpected expenses caused by mechanical failures. Only our factory trained technicians have a complete understanding of your vehicle - protecting your investment.


Be sure that your Mitsubishi vehicle will continue to drive like new. Our Diamond Care Plan is backed by Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc. giving you the reassurance that you are receiving the very best for your Mitsubishi vehicle.


We will repair your vehicle with only genuine Mitsubishi Parts. Our parts are specifically designed and tested to work flawlessly with the factory components that your Mitsubishi vehicle was built with. All Mitsubishi Diamond Care Plans include the added benefit of Roadside Assistance Coverage. By safeguarding against every eventuality and counting on our Roadside Assistance Coverage to be there whenever you need it, you'll have peace of mind.






Benefits of DCP


Why purchase a limited extended warranty plan? Mitsubishi’s Diamond Care Plan offers you a wide range of plans that protect your vehicle’s components from Manufacturer’s defects. These covered components are detailed in the Component Coverage Chart. All of the plans include free of charge Concierge Services to safeguard you in case of mechanical breakdown. These services include Rental Vehicle Coverage, Trip Interruption Coverage and Hotel Reservation/Cancellation Coverage. Best of all, we will offer Personal Assistant Coverage which provides you with a dedicated representative to assist you when you need them.


We want you to choose from the following range of terms based on which plan best suits your driving needs.


  • 5 Year/200,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 6 Year/120,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 6 Year/160,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 6 Year/200,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 7 Year/120,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 7 Year/160,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 7 Year/200,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 8 Year/160,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 8 Year/200,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 10 Year/160,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 10 Year/200,000 km Diamond Care Plan

This added coverage protects you for up to an additional 100,000 km over and above the initial 5 year 100,000 km manufacturer warranty.

Lancer Evolution / Lancer Ralliart / Lancer Sportback Ralliart.


  • 4 Year/80,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 5 Year/100,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 5 Year/120,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 5 Year/150,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 6 Year/100,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 6 Year/125,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 6 Year/150,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 7 Year/100,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 7 Year/120,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 7 Year/150,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 8 Year/120,000 km Diamond Care Plan
  • 8 Year/150,000 km Diamond Care Plan






Covered Components


Our Diamond Care Plans guarantee the cost to repair or replace parts that suffer mechanical and/or electrical failure, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. The coverage not only eliminates surprise repair costs, but gives you the peace of mind that wherever you are, Mitsubishi’s there. To further help reduce the stress of the unknown, we also include Concierge Services such as Emergency Roadside Assistance, Trip Interruption and Rental Vehicle coverage in case a prolonged repair is required. Our easy to understand comprehensive coverage allows you to easily identify those components that are covered under your plan:




  • Engine
  • Transmission/Transaxle
  • Drivetrain
  • Engine Cooling system
  • Fuel Control System
  • Clutch System
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brake System
  • Electrical Components
  • Body Electrics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Emission System
  • And much more


Why wouldn’t you put your vehicle into the hands of Mitsubishi factory trained technicians who know your Mitsubishi vehicle best?






Concierge Services


It’s always nice to know that there is someone there to help you when you need it. That’s why Mitsubishi has designed our concierge service that works around your needs, as the perfect companion to our Mitsubishi Diamond Care Plans. We’ve included these incredible services free of charge for the length of your contract. Should you ever need us, call us and we’ll be there for you. You have access to 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, emergency roadside assistance for the duration of your Diamond Care Plan. You have access to Mitsubishi’s Priority Call Back Service and Bilingual Service Representatives who are more than willing to assist when you need them. Covered roadside assistance includes lock-out service, winching, jump starts, flat-tire service, emergency fuel and fluid delivery.* Not only do you receive emergency towing of your vehicle in case of a mechanical breakdown, but Mitsubishi offers towing services even if your vehicle is in an accident. The Diamond Care Plans also include many substantial benefits while you’re still within the Manufacturer’s Warranty, giving you an added level of security knowing that you’re always protected with Mitsubishi. For these added advantages, please Click Here.


Should you have any concerns or feedback, we can be reached as follows:


Toll-Free Number – 1-888-57-MITSU
Email mitsubishi-canada@mmsa.com
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 41009
Mississauga, On, Canada, L4W 5C9.







There are a lot of extended warranties on the market. Why should I purchase a Mitsubishi Diamond Care Plan?


As the manufacturer of Mitsubishi vehicles, we know your vehicle best. Our replacement parts are specifically manufactured to work seamlessly with your vehicle and our factory trained technicians have the training and experience to repair your vehicle quickly and correctly. Why would you put your Mitsubishi vehicle in the hands of someone else?



Does my Diamond Care Plan contract provide benefits when my car is still under new car warranty?


Yes. When you purchase a Diamond Care Plan, you’re not only adding to your Manufacturer’s Warranty, but you’re also enhancing it. During the Manufacturer’s warranty period you will have access to Rental Vehicle Coverage, Trip Interruption Coverage, Hotel Reservation/Cancellation Coverage and a Personal Assistant.



Where can I buy a Mitsubishi Diamond Care Plan?


Mitsubishi Diamond Care Plans are only available from your local Mitsubishi Dealership. They will be happy to assist you with the purchase of a Mitsubishi Diamond Care Plan.



Mitsubishi offers one of the best vehicles warranties on the market. Why should I extend my warranty?


Mitsubishi's basic warranty coverage that is offered in Canada is for 5 years or 100,000 km, whichever occurs first. Why not extend this coverage for the entire life span of your vehicle? Imagine, complete security knowing that if your vehicle has a concern due to a manufacturer's defect, even after the manufacturer's warranty has ended, we've got you covered.



I purchased my vehicle 3 months ago. Am I still eligible to purchase a Diamond Care Plan?


You can absolutely still take advantage of a Diamond Care Plan. Mitsubishi can extend the option to purchase an extended warranty for 3 years from the date of purchase of your Mitsubishi vehicle or 60,000 km, whichever occurs first! Just contact your local Mitsubishi Dealership who will be happy to arrange this on your behalf.



Can I include the cost of my Diamond Care Plan on my new vehicle purchase?


Of course. By including the cost in the sales contract for your new Mitsubishi vehicle, you’re saving yourself from making future lump sum payments for repairs later on. You can also benefit from the competitive financing rates offered by Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada.